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Photo: Bud Frasier
Photo: Bud Frasier

Sister Suzie Serve Up a PBR Fuelled Rock and Roll Affair

The Edmonton quintet's blue-collar boogie rock comes alive on Don't Want To.

by Christine Leonard

Sister Suzie have earned their reputation one bluesy-boozy lick at a time. Five-years into their fruitful formation the Edmonton glam-garage rock troupe are feeling a little waxy. Turning to Canada’s Clampdown Pressing, the quintet has embossed a high-and-tight trio of choice cuts from their 2020 full-length of the same name, Don’t Want To, for limited release on Montreal’s Reta Records and Surfin Ki in Europe.

Introducing the bratty insolence of the title track, Sister Suzie vocalist Andrea Martineau delves into a velvet goldmine of power rock with a punk-edged relentlessness. “The more we figure out our sound and write together, the more fluid the songwriting process gets, and that was definitely the case with these three,” says Martineu. “A fun riff, a good beat, and jamming out the rest.” Produced by Real Sickies drummer Rob Lawless, the songs reverberate with the hunky 70s sounds of Greta Van Fleet, Jet, Crown Lands and Wolfmother hung upon a White Stripe-d backbone.

The short-shrift single, “Claw” sets off Side-B with a flurry of furious annoyance. Channeling a tantrum fit for The Pack A.D.’s green room, Sister Suzie take what The Animals started and throw it in the Mersey River with all the cars and the skulls. Last call, “Are You Gonna (Gimme A Kiss)” dishes out a slow grind special with a dash of Nashville Pussy picante sauce. A drunken come-on with a boogie in Revlon red chaps, Martineau invites all the would-be midnight cowboys to strap on those beer goggles and pucker up. 

The perfect soundtrack for a rhinestone-studded wedding reception with a Pabst Blue Ribbon colour scheme, Sister Suzie will reel-and-wheel you around the dance floor as tom-tom drums slug it out with all the exes in Texas.