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Teezo Touchdown’s First Headline Tour Is Right On Time

On his first-ever headline tour, the Texan rapper honours his journey while chronicling his rise to fame. 

by Ozioma Nwabuikwu

Photo by Ozioma Nwabuikwu

May 7, 2024

Toronto, ON

Phoenix Concert Theatre

On a seemingly ordinary Tuesday evening in Toronto, Texan rapper Teezo Touchdown and his mob of fans turned the Phoenix Concert Theatre into one gigantic mosh pit. 

When I arrive, there’s already a line around the block filled with fans decked out in their emo best: fishnets, gloves, and black T’s face-painted on each cheek. A restless lineup turns into a restless crowd as everyone waits for the show to begin. 

On Teezo’s socials, showgoers were promised an interactive pre-show called Touchdown Live hosted by Annabelle Kline and J. Ford. After a two-hour wait, our hosts took the stage. They start with some Teezo Trivia to test the crowd’s engagement, followed by a screening of music videos including two by Toronto faves, SadBoi and PartyNextDoor. 

Following the pre-show, Kline returns to the stage for a DJ set. She’s obviously in tune with the audience’s tastes; Frank Ocean, Sexxy Red, Playboi Carti to name a few, and has the entire crowd moshing before Teezo even takes the stage. 

The anticipation remains slick and, after a longer than expected wait, Teezo Touchdown finally explodes onto the stage, clad in his signature uniform: white singlet, jean shorts, and a flower bouquet around his mic. The crowd goes wild and restless energy turns into pure excitement as they scream back the lyrics. 

The show’s second section takes fans through Teezo’s debut album, How Do You Sleep at Night? He’s electric, committed to the rhythm of the crowd. And while it’s a new stage of his career, his message of hope, creativity, and courage in the face of adversity has remained the same. Together, the audience chants along: “Who said it would be impossible?/ The only way is if you never start,” lyrics from the album’s fifth track, “Impossible.” 

The last section of the set is filled with recent singles and collaborations not listed on the debut album. They are all excellent, but “Rock Paper Strippers” is a new favourite that had the crowd moving the most. Teezo Touchdown might have a blazing career in front of him, but he’s making sure to connect with old and new fans alike along the way, and this night was no exception.