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The Music Gallery’s X Avant XVI Is Practicing Safe Noise 

"Drone day is a vibrator for the soul."


Continuing their pledge towards uplifting, amplifying, and celebrating the stories and sounds of Toronto, The Music Gallery is gearing up for an exercise in mindfulness in four parts with X Avant XVI. From Oct. 14 to 17 the annual festival is breaking down their mindful and inclusive programming into four key touch-points: Listen, Reasoning, Process, Embody. 

Partnering with Rise Edutainment on Day 1 for spoken word event, Listen, then shifting gears to premiere Alanna Stuart’s new documentary for Day 2’s Reasoning, it’s their eight hours of drone that The Music Gallery is presenting on Day 3 that has us going. When we reached out to artistic director Sanjeet Takhar to ask about the event, she told us: “Drone day is like a meditation retreat without signing up for the white cult.” 

Proving that a little noise can go a long way, Takhar has invited an all-star cast of 14 noise artists to offer a space for reflection and healing. Day 3 at X Avant is called Process and is dedicated to the “global thread of sustained tone as a healing modality.” Artists include Debashis Sinha, a sound experimentalist who has been a fixture on Canada’s creative audio scene; bamboo flute and modular synth wizard Bachelard aka Heidi Chan, improvisational multi instrumentalist Colin Fisher; and more. With enough creativity and exploration to fill out a full day of drone X Avant XVI will provide a space for the ultimate sound bath. 

There’s no right or wrong way to prepare for this eight-hour adventure nor is there a time expectation for how long to immerse your ear drums, but if you’re looking for an audible and meditative experience that will help you deal with your demons before Halloween, get ready to “zone out and drone out.” Just make sure you save some energy for Embody on Day 4 when The Music Gallery invites Oneida Nation group, The Ukwehuwe Connection, to highlight the culture of the Haudenosaunee people through interactive song and dance. 

Showing that a little noise can go a long way, The Music Gallery continues their quest as a leading experimental music organization while offering a place for insight, reflection, and healing with four days of thoughtful and engaging programming.

For more information visit musicgallery.org