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Tierra Whack's Weary Welcome

A highly anticipated debut, WORLD WIDE WHACK offers a deeper exploration of the performer’s weird and wonderful psyche.

by Ozioma Nwabuikwu

Known as one of the most creative MCs in the game, Tierra Whack is back with her debut album WORLD WIDE WHACK, a profound reflection on the rapper’s life. Whack has always been unrestrained in both genre and visual storytelling, and this project is no different. Except now, she’s at ease with her prowess and ready to tell it like it is. 

The first track is “MOOD SWINGS,” aptly named as the album takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes, she’s ready for war, like on “MS BEHAVE,” the second track on the album and the most arousing with its declarative talking drum rhythm. Other times, she’s sedated (but never defeated) on tracks like “NUMB” and “DIFFICULT,where she cuts her heart out and offers it up, flaws and all. As she battles with darker themes of lost love, betrayal and suicide, she still finds the time to make us laugh in true Whack fashion. While contemplating near death on the piano-heavy “TWO NIGHT,” she confesses that she “didn’t pay the light bill this month.

Whack often expresses in interviews that she wants her fans to know she’s just as human as they are, and that’s what she’s accomplished on this new record. No longer held back by the pressure to keep things in, Whack is free to be the artist she’s always been – one that tirelessly inspires and connects.