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Underduck aka Quinn Thomas
Photo: Pawel Krzykwa / Pixpro Image

Underduck Scores A Soundtrack For Zero Waste Cocktails

From hero taste to zero waste - with our friends from Flor de Caña. 

by Quinn Thomas

Photo by Pawel Krzykwa

My name is Quinn, but most people know me as Underduck, my high-brow EDM production pseudonym. I have experience being on stage but even more experience being behind the bar. As a musician, one of the first skills you learn is resourcefulness. And as one matures in the music industry, you learn more about yourself, your tools, what you really need — and what you really don’t. This same theory can be applied to cocktails.

Recently, Flor de Caña launched Zero Waste Month, a sustainability initiative featuring the world’s only carbon neutral and fair trade certified rum. The concept was built around creating unique, sustainable cocktails by upcycling ingredients. From repurposing burnt tortilla shells to turning avocado pits into a substitute for nut syrup, the creativity and spark behind some of these cocktails is outstanding. 

With more than 30 participating restaurants and bars in British Columbia alone, as much as I would have liked to try them all, these are my tasting notes from four stand-out establishments in Vancouver. 

(162 Water St, Vancouver, BC)  


While conserving much of the banana pulp in the process of creating the syrup and texture of the drink, the flavour is authentic and not just a recreation of a normal daiquiri. There is much more substance and thought involved, giving this drink a distinct ambrosia characteristic. Move over Hemingway. 

217 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC)

Peas and Thank You

This drink features the avocado in its entirety, so it’s inclusive for those who are allergic to nuts. While the pit of the avocado is roasted it gains a near floral, orange aroma. Complemented perfectly with Flor de Caña’s 12 Year Rum that is sweet on the beginning but has a very dry finish. A refreshing and evenly balanced drink that makes it easy to not have to ask for the menu again.


568 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC)

Mystic Matter

Nostalgia is overpowering, so when all I could experience in this drink was Campino (the swirled yogurt candies I only had visiting my Oma in my childhood) I knew I had fallen in love. As a writer you’re probably not allowed to choose favourites but this was easily it. Using milk curds as a base for creaminess, then processing it until it becomes a clear syrup seems supernatural. This drink is every bit inventive as it is delicious.


The Keefer Bar
135 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC)

Bees All Ends All

In this drink the Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum really shines, using cilantro as the perfect savoury foil for this delectable syrup we call rum. A perfect summer refresher reminding you that maybe you can have your cake and eat it too. This drink relies on each ingredient complementing each other without interfering with each other. How very Jazz of it.