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Young Devyn (1)

Young Devyn's 'Baby Goat' Proves She’s One To Watch

The Brooklyn rapper shows off her versatility on a confident debut. 

by Ben Boddez

New York City rapper Young Devyn is currently poised to dominate the hip-hop world. With her Trinidadian roots proudly on display the rising talent is making a space for herself in the city’s massive drill wave scene. She’s already received glowing accolades from the likes of Nicki Minaj and recently signed to 4th  & Broadway, the iconic label relaunched by Island Records. 

Devyn’s debut EP, Baby Goat, lives up to the lofty ambitions set by its title. Divided into two halves, she displays both her skills on brief, adrenaline rushes of drill-influenced hip-hop and her hit-making abilities on longer, tropical-flavoured pop tunes. The most immediately ear-grabbing thing about Devyn’s rap style is her dizzying technical abilities, making complex and speedy flows sound effortless and confident as she stakes her claim on the rap game with a sneer. She leaves no space for listeners to catch their breath, filling up every beat while the trademark unnerving and wobbly bass effects of New York City’s drill scene support her in the back.

The EP’s more melodic side is even more engaging, especially in a world that has been so inundated with artists trying to capitalize on the recent popularity of dancehall. Devyn brings some authentic Caribbean flair to her tracks, getting more experimental with her sound and testing out some exhilarating marimba and steel drum effects while diverting from the standard, radio-ready rhythms we’re used to. Letting her accent and personality come out even more, Devyn’s unbothered attitude persists as she criticizes controlling guys and searches for summer flings. If Devyn is truly destined to become one of the greats of her generation, her versatility is exactly what is going to lead her there.