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Cartel Madras
Photo: Gajan Balan

Cartel Madras Wield Their Power With “Fear & Loathing” 

Sisters Eboshi and Contra drop a fire new track and announce new EP, The Serpent & The Tiger.

by Aurora Zboch

Cartel Madras are proving to be a graceful but deadly force in hip-hop. For their latest outing, sisters Eboshi and Contra take us on an aggressive trip across cities and continents in the fiery, self-directed music video for their “FEAR & LOATHING” single.

In the video, model Sheerah Ravindren plays the Serpent, a seductress owning her sensuality on a private cam show. The Tiger, played by artist Sharanya M, grooms and gazes in a mirror as she plans her attack. 

Contra, accompanied by her canine sidekick Bear, lights a joint before setting her surroundings ablaze, wielding a torch and a can of gasoline. She is the Defector, while Eboshi is a Hostage, chained up under flickering lights.

Dom Dias joins again as the producer of the trappy, bass-driven track. This is the duo’s second collaboration with Dom Dias, following the single “Drift.” The bars of Cartel Madras are as spicy and cool as tiger balm. 

“I’m gonna take what I take
Bitches might call me a snake
Bitch, I don’t make a mistake”

Cartel Madras wrestle with polarity and challenge artistic limits in times of restraint. “FEAR & LOATHING” teases us for Cartel Madras’ forthcoming EP, The Serpent & The Tiger, which is part three of their Goonda Rap Chronicles. The fearless duo are ready to make international waves, brandishing a fierce attitude backed by bold statements. Cartel Madras aren’t done telling their story, so you better sit down (shut up) and listen.