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NADUH Embrace Platonic Intimacy with Interplanetary EP HOMIESEXUAL

It all happens on VENUS, baby.

by Jordan Yeager

Photo by Jocasta Clarke

Vancouver-based hip-hop/R&B girl group NADUH makes music that sounds the way hanging out with your best friends feels. Their melodies are light-hearted and uplifting, complemented by powerful vocals and underscored by punchy, original beats. Lyrically, they impart a distinctive element of playful soul to create a sonic experience that’s equal parts sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Each member of NADUH comes from a successful musical career in their own right, and the interplay of unique talents and lived experiences make a combined sound that is at once familiar and otherworldly. Before coming together, the five girls weren’t strangers; they had crossed paths before, and those paths circled gradually closer together until they intersected on planet Venus. In fact, it was Venus herself who facilitated the collective’s creation. Becoming NADUH wasn’t so much a choice as it was a mission from the cosmos: using divine feminine energy, spread a message of unity over division, unconditional support for the homies, and love above all else.

“We went for a[n acid] trip together, and we were able to have a really beautiful evening with the literal planet of Venus beaming down,” says Larisa Marie. “The light was really strong.”

“Strongest in the sky,” adds Taraneh Krispil, the group’s producer, who goes by Tee.

“It was a new moon, so you could see Venus’s light in the ocean, and we had a fire… after that trip, everything fell into place,” continues Larisa. “We knew exactly what we were going to do, what we were going to say, and how we were going to say it. We didn’t exactly form NADUH – it fell into alignment. And that’s why we give all credit to Venus.”

“We downloaded the message,” says Rosita Alcantara.

Some might find it daunting to work with five strong minds in collaboration. For NADUH, though, it comes naturally – there are never too many cooks in their kitchen. They’re accustomed to compromise and genuinely enjoy listening to and facilitating each other’s visions. The group’s debut EP, HOMIESEXUAL, was born this way, falling almost effortlessly into place with the help of open hearts and a nurturing atmosphere.

“Five minds is so many more ideas,” says Giorgi Holiday. “It’s a lot of compromise, but we make it easy for each other.”

“It feels gentle and intuitive,” says Jenny Lea. “There’s a lot of space to collaborate, not only within the creative process, but also within the working process and the relationship process. It feels loving and supportive. And there’s not a lot of ego in this group – it’s so great, because we just help each other make our ideas stronger.”

“It’s also a really good opportunity to learn how to provide space, in life and in our relationships,” says Larisa. “It’s been a great instigator for growth and communication.”

“There’s a lot of trust,” adds Rosita. “It’s hard to grow, right? You have to be down, and you have to feel safe.”

Photo: Cody Briggs

That sense of safety can be attributed to the tight-knit, loving relationships all five girls have fostered with each other, both within the group dynamic and outside of it. The bond between them is unmistakable – a sense of vulnerability and openness permeates the air around them, as they create space not only to express their platonic love, but also to allow themselves the privilege of receiving that same love back.

“Relationships are what life is about, and [platonic intimacy] is allowing yourself to connect more deeply with your friends, rather than feeling like you have to reserve certain parts of yourself for your romantic partner,” says Jenny. “It’s about realigning people with the importance of friendship so they can have more depth in their lives. We’re all each other’s number one hype people, and that’s special. It’s special when you have people in your life who make you feel good and genuinely fuck with you. They love you to death. That’s priceless. Plus, sometimes your friends are super hot, and it’s okay to be in love with them.”

“Date your friends!” says Tee.

“Fuck them too, if you want and it’s consensual,” laughs Giorgi.

“It’s the best feeling to have people in your corner,” adds Rosa. “People need that. And you have to be soft enough to receive that kind of love, too – actual deep love like that. That’s a big part of it. People are so closed off.”

NADUH has been jamming, recording, and performing, all before releasing an EP. Finally, though, HOMIESEXUAL is ready to be shared with inhabitants of planet earth. To celebrate, they’re hosting an album release party at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens in Vancouver on Saturday, July 9. If you’re feeling the love (platonic or otherwise), local legend Small Papa will be officiating 24-hour marriages. There will also be flash tattoos, drag performances, and a local vendor market – and that’s on Venus.