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Nia Archives is Determined to Keep The Good Vibes Going

The British-Jamaican next-gen junglist comes in loud and clear while reflecting on life's tough questions.

by Ozioma Nwabuikwu

Rumination isn’t always advisable but Nia Archives’s quest for answers on her new debut album, Silence is Loud is as fresh as it is raw.

Her genre-bending blend of dreamy neo-soul vocals and agitated breakbeats have captivated fans since 2020, but this latest jungle-centric collection delves even deeper into the DJ’s psyche. The title track wastes no time posing questions before we’re launched into similarly introspective tracks influenced by Britpop and ska like “Cards On The Table” and “Tell Me What It’s Like.” As the album progresses, her search becomes more urgent marked by ominous off-beat notes and jaded lyrics 

At its heart, Silence is Loud is an album that asks for closure. The artist’s personal relationships are front and centre as she deals with dread, anxiety, and identity while navigating the expectations of fame. Answers aren’t readily offered, but we do learn the sources of her anguish that threaten to burn her out.

At one point we hear a recording of a fan eagerly asking for more music to keep up the “summer vibes.” And while the vibes are important, we hope Nia Archives has the time and grace to recalibrate before returning to the dancefloor.