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Orville Peck - BRONCO

Columbia Records

by Brad Simm

Orville Peck reclaimed his crown this year as king of the rodeo, charting a new course in country music with BRONCO. Roaming through tracks reminiscent of Lee Hazlewood’s LA-inspired 1960s romance while glowing bright in Chris Isaak’s shimmering sequin, Peck’s sweeping wall of sound elevates BRONCO into its own fabulous dimension – big, bold, glittering country filled with rainbow showers.

But make no mistake, this is bonafide country music. BRONCO is rich with gorgeous wide-open desert landscapes, rip-roaring barn burners, and last-call whiskey-drenched ballads. And holy cow, Peck’s voice; both infectious and fabulous, it’s undoubtedly the masked country star’s crowning glory.