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Sargeant X Comrade Suit Up For Another Intergalactic Improv

The TD Amplify Cabaret series celebrates Black love and the creative process. 

by Latoya Elle

Photos by Sam Obadero

Sargent X Comrade are getting ready to launch their second instalment of the TD Amplify Cabaret Series with Venus: Future Love. This multifaceted on-stage adventure will explore universal love, beauty, and pleasure as the neo-soul duo invites various rappers, poets, and other creatives onto their intergalactic talk show, February 10 and 11.

Blasting off from the Arts Commons building in Calgary, AB, the duo will blend humour, education, and art with music from their upcoming album, Lo-Fi Future. Sargent X Comrade, also known as Yolanda Sargeant and Evgeniy “Comrade” Bykovets, are preparing a wholly unique experience for both evening’s individual journeys. “We’re not really about treating it like a cookie-cutter experience,” Sargeant tells RANGE. “Every experience that we’re presenting to the audience has an element of improv.”

The featured artists on this mission into the unknown include rapper Gbohunmi, synth-pop trio Lost Decade, creative visual artist Mackenzie Bedford, Bubba B the MC, and aloT of Poetry. Together, these earthlings will share stories about the multifaceted meaning behind Black love and how that transcends among other communities forming universal love.

Although the event is focused on a futuristic perspective, Sargent X Comrade intend to showcase how the future of Black love is currently illustrated through the talent of Black creatives. “Afrofuturism is a glimpse into traditional culture, its history with present day knowledge, and visions for the future from a Afro-centric lens,” says Sargent. “To me it’s a future which takes the lessons from the past and present to propel ourselves to a place of pure joy, where no dream is unattainable and you can find comfort in being accepted as your true self.” 

Yolanda Sargeant performing on Nov. 19, 2022 at Mars: Second Home, part of the TD Amplify Cabaret Series at Arts Commons.

Venus: Future Love is part two of the four-part TD Incubator series, providing a space for development and diversity while highlighting marginalized creatives in the Calgary arts community. In November 2022, the series started on the proverbial planet of Mars with Mars: Second Home, exploring the concept of what makes us human through the form of a futuristic variety show. Sergeant X Comrade are also expected to lead voyages to Earth and the Moon later this year.

Sargent X Comrade have been releasing music together since 2015. The esteemed duo has accumulated a decorated career – Receiving two Breakout West Awards and two YYC Music Awards. Today, they are preparing to release their latest project under their record label Mo Gravy Records. With a retro-futuristic theme, this album is expected to blend neo-soul, hip-hop, and dancehall to create something that is uniquely their own.

Inspired by TD incubator mentorship program and the success of their career thus far, Sargeant X Comrade are driven to take mentorship one step further by partnering with local artists on Mo Gravy Records. 

For more information on Venus: Future Love visit artscommons.com | TICKETS