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TORRES Unleashes The Ultimate Thirst Trap

Mackenzie Scott celebrates love in all its forms on fifth studio album, Thirstier. 

by Grace Gearon

Following her trajectory of thoughtful and ambitious songwriting, Mackenzie Scott aka TORRES is celebrating love in all its forms on her fifth studio album. Narrated with soft synth soundscapes, defiant block beats, and headbanging grunge, each track flows together like a story where every chapter ends on a cliffhanger.

Scott delivers a gripping mix of tempos, indie-rock ballads and beats that create a genre-bending element of surprise. Each track adds a new layer of diversity, with the album’s melodies shapeshifting from heavier tracks like “Hug From A Dinosaur” and “Thirstier,” to a seductive folk and country blend on “Don’t Go Putting Wishes In My Head.”

Lyrically, you can tell Scott is a lover of poetry, with her words effortlessly transitioning from a flawless falsetto into her deeply distinctive and show-stopping raspy tone. Thirstier is full of passion, and her brutal honesty offers us a glimpse into what Scott’s personal diary might look like. Nonetheless, this latest offering from TORRESis equally as daring as it is accessible from start to finish; an album leaving you wanting more — fitting for an album titled Thirstier. 

Best Track: “Thirstier”