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Turnstile Redefines the Meaning of Hardcore With Glow On Tour

The heavy music veterans are harnessing intense energy with a refreshing new vibe.

by Johnny Papan

Photos by Darrole Palmer

April 29, 2022

Vancouver, BC

Rickshaw Theatre

Entering the Rickshaw Theatre for Turnstile’s Vancouver stop on their Glow On Tour was like walking into a punk-inhabited sauna. Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” blared over the speaker system as the sold out crowd sang and danced in unison, heat excavating off of hundreds of bodies as they waited in anticipation for Turnstile, the blossoming hardcore quintet to take the stage. 

Once the Baltimore punks hit their first note, the dance floor split into an almost Cheshire Cat-like grin of a mosh pit. Opening the set with material from their celebrated 2021 album Glow On, Turnstile influenced a mishmash of dance styles from end to end of the venue. From hardcore moshing to club-like dancing to romantic bump and grinding, there was a sense of complete freedom to be whoever you are in that moment on the dance floor, judgement free. Regardless of whether or not the band was playing an old school smasher or a modern-era chiller, the audience didn’t cease to embrace movements of various sorts throughout the entirety of Turnstile’s set. 

Purples, pinks and blues washed over the band throughout the entirety of their set – subtlety counteracting the machismo reputation often associated with the hardcore genre. While “hardcore” has mostly been associated with violence and aggressive energies, Turnstile flips the stereotype on its head with their mix of old school hardcore bangers and their modern dream-like, almost romantic sound. 

Once the band completed their final song for the night, “T.L.C. (Turnstile Love Connection)”, the audience appropriately began clapping and singing the lyrics “I want to thank you for letting me be myself” a cappella as the band began tearing down their set. A sign of audience appreciation for the wild night that the band had just gifted to everyone in attendance.