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Marlaena Moore – “Hands Clean” (Alanis Morissette)

Marlaena Moore’s music spans about as widely as she does across Canada. Originating from Edmonton, currently operating out of Montreal, and a well-known veteran of Calgary’s Sled Island Music Festival, her confessional lyricism recalls her bedroom pop beginnings but has since been applied to an updated package blending together sounds of grunge, jangle pop, and everything indie. Her sombre musings have led her to open up for similarly-minded acts including Angel Olsen and U.S. Girls.

What was your first live music experience?

I remember seeing Nelly Furtado at the Winspear Centre and this band Shaye was her opener. I remember these super cool ladies with smokey eyes signing CDs after their set and being so starstruck that I got to be in their presence after they were just performing to hundreds of people.

When did you realize you wanted to be a performer?

I have always wanted to perform. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t. I do remember performing an Avril Lavigne lip sync for my entire school, and my father still considers it one of my finest performances. He accidentally recorded over the video and I think it’s still one of his deepest pains he carries with him as a father to this day.

Who are some of your biggest female-identifying inspirations?

The Canadian woman singer/songwriter trifecta that is Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, and Feist literally birthed me into this world. I have also been born again through the power of Bjork, Kate Bush, Kim Deal, and, most recently, Rosalía.

What are your memories of the Women & Songs compilation series?
I remember getting Women & Songs 6 as a present and playing it in my room and making my Barbies perform various songs in a kind-of talent showcase. “Soak Up The Sun” in particular really tore the house down.

Why did you choose the song you covered for this project?

I have a very personal relationship to this song. Not only was it on the Women & Songs compilation I had, but later in my life, I would go through a very similar event described in the lyrics. The way Alanis uses words is so powerful that her lyrics become a separate, yet vital instrument, like drums, guitar, or even her vocals. Alanis and I are also both Geminis with Scorpio moons, so we are legally related.